All Day Breakfast

Egg-cellent Bagel: $6.75

Veggie Omelette, Cheddar, Spinach & Sweet

Chili Sauce, *Available G/F*

Western Bagel: $6.75

Veggie Omelette, Cheddar, Black Forest Ham &

Sweet Chili Sauce *Available G/F*

Toasted Bagel: $3.75

With choice of Cream Cheese (regular or herb)

Cheddar Cheese, Swiss, Butter, P.B or Jam.

Stacked Wrap: $6.75

Veggie Omelette, Swiss Cheese, Spinach, Roasted Red

Peppers & Artichoke Remoulade.

From Our Deli

Available on White or 12 grain Bread.

Egg Salad: $6.25

Classic Egg Salad with a twist &

Baby Spinach. *Available G/F*

Tuna Salad: $6.25

Albacore Tuna topped with Green apple & Baby

Spinach. *Available G/F*

Ham & Swiss: $6.25

Black Forest Ham, Swiss Cheese, Baby

Spinach and Mustard Remoulade

*Available G/F*

Turkey Sammie: $6.25

Lean Turkey, Traditional Cranberry Sauce, Baby

Spinach & a Pesto Ginger Remoulade.

*Available G/F*

Happy Herbivore Wrap: $6.50

Fresh Veggies, Cheddar, Spinach

And Curried Remoulade on a White Flour Tortilla.

Chicken Wrap: $6.75

Chicken Breast, Fresh Veggies, Spinach &

Curried Remoulade on a White flour Tortilla.

Hot Off The Press

Pesto Chicken Classic: $7.95

Roast Chicken Breast, Goat Cheese, Roasted Peppers

Pesto & Artichoke Remoulade on a Ciabatta Bun.

*Available G/F*

Baked Brie Panini: $7.95

Brie Cheese, Green Apple, Caramelized Onions

Artichoke Remoulade & Date Jam on a Ciabatta Bun.

*Available G/F*

The Canadiana: $5.95

Old Cheddar Cheese & Black forest Ham

On White, 12 Grain or Gluten Free Bread.

The Meltdown: $4.95

Old Cheddar Cheese & Swiss Cheese melted to

perfection. On White, 12 Grain or Gluten Free bread.

Homemade Soup and Fresh Salad

Soups Posted Daily

Small Homemade Soup: $5.75

Served with White or 12 Grain Bread.

Large Homemade Soup: $6.75

Served with White or 12 Grain Bread.

Fresh Garden Salad: $5.95

Baby Spinach, Shredded Carrots, Red & Green

Cabbage and your choice of Homamade Italian

or Balsamic Dressing *G/F*

Top off your salad with one of our Add ons!

Quinoa Salad: $4.95

Refreshing and Protein Filled.

Top off your salad with on of your Add ons!

Add Ons for our Salads: $2.00 each

-Hard boiled Eggs

-Chicken Breast/ Roasted in house

-Albacore Tuna Salad

Hot Drinks

Available with Cows, Almond, Soy or Oat Milk.

Our Coffee is 100% Canadian roasted, Organic & Fair Trade.

Coffee: 12oz: $2.50 16 oz: $2.75 20oz $2.95

Americano: $3.00

Cappuccino: 12oz: $4.25 16oz: $4.95 20oz: $5.45

Latte: 12oz: $4.25 16oz: $4.95 20oz: $5.45

Mocha: 12oz: $4.85 16oz: $5.35 20oz: $5.85

Caramel Macchiato: 12oz: $4.85 16oz: $5.35 20oz: $5.85

Single/Double Espresso: $2.40/$2.95


Choose from our wide Variety of teas in store.

Organic Steeped Tea: 12oz: $2.50 16oz: $2.75 20oz: $2.95

London Fog: 12oz: $4.25 16oz: $4.95 20oz: $5.45

Tea Latte: Customise your own! 12oz: $4.25 16oz: $4.95 20oz: $5.45

Chai Latte: 12oz: $4.25 16oz: $4.95 20oz: $5.45

Matcha Latte: 12oz: $4.85 16oz: $5.35 20oz: $5.85

Specialty Drinks

Hot Cocoa w/whip: 12oz: $3.75 16oz: $4.45 20oz: $4.95

Supreme Hot Chocolate: With Whip and flavour Shot!

12oz: $4.85 16oz: $5.35 20oz: $5.85

Apple Cider: 12oz: $3.50 16oz: $4.25 20oz: $4.85

Apple Pie Cider: With whip and flavour!

12oz: $4.25 16oz: $4.95 20oz: $5.45

White Velvet: (Steamed Milk, With choice of flavour)

12oz: $3.75 16oz: $4.45 20oz: $5.45

Cold Drinks

Iced Coffee: $2.75

Iced Black Tea: $2.75

Iced Latte: $4.25

Iced Chai Latte: $4.85

Sparkling & Refreshing Drinks

Pink Panther Italian Soda: $3.50

Strawberry and Vanilla

The Cadillac Italian Soda: $3.50

Raspberry and Coconut

C.Y.O Italian Soda: $3.50

Choose two flavours... Visit our Flavour Board


Organic, Low in fat & Low in Sugar

Chocolate Mousse Royale: 12oz: $4.75 16oz: $5.95

Classic Chocolate Shake with whip.

Mocha Explosion: 12oz: $4.95 16oz: $5.95

Espresso and Rich Chocolate with whip. *avail. Decaf*

Vanilla Dream: 12oz: $4.95 16oz $5.95

Creamy Vanilla and Espresso with whip

Dirty Monkey: 12oz: $4.95 16oz: $5.95

Chocolate, Banana and Espresso with whip *avail. Decaf*

Matcha Green Tea: 12oz: $4.95 16oz:$5.95

Filled with Antioxidants


100% real Fruit

Customize your own, visit our Extras board


12oz: $4.95 16oz: $5.95

Mango Creamsicle with whip:

12oz: $4.95 16oz: $5.95

Strawberry Banana:

12oz: $4.95 16oz: $5.95

The Kawartha: Strawberry, Mango and Protein

12oz: $5.50 16oz: $6.75

Strawberries and Cream with whip:

12oz: $4.95 16oz: $5.95

50 Shades of Green:

Matcha, Mango, Spinach, Protein and choice of dairy.

12oz: $5.75 16oz: $6.95



Espresso Shot

Matcha Green Tea

Organic Baby Spinach

Whey Protein

Real Whipped Cream

Milk Options: *Free*

Cows Milk

Soy Milk

Almond Milk

Oat Milk

Flavour Shots

Vanilla.. *also avail. Sugar Free*


Caramel.. *also avail. Sugar Free*

Salted Caramel



Pumpkin Pie






We also have a Large Variety of Freshly Baked Goods Daily!

Have a look at our Photo Gallery & Do drop in to see more of what we've baked up for you!!