10 Years Strong!

Turnbull Cafe was established over a decade ago. Heather, the owner, operator, founder, baker, barista, the list goes on!, has single-handedly made the cafe what it is today.

The Cafe is located inside the Turnbull Medical Building, a significant Peterborough landmark, built in 1870. The building is wheelchair accessible and located next to the city bus terminal for the convenience of cafe customers. You can quickly run in on your way to the bus, get a coffee or a grab 'n' go sandwich, or you can sit in and enjoy a freshly made meal at your leisure.

Heather sources her coffee beans from a Canadian Roaster and prides herself on giving you an excellent espresso. She offers house-made baked treats and a kind and friendly atmosphere, right in the heart of downtown Peterborough.

Heather moved to Peterborough 20 years ago with her family. Being a mother of three children, Heather wanted to create a space where all are welcome and the food is wholesome. Peterborough’s culture has allowed Heather to make the cafe a home and safe place for many. We cannot wait to have you in; offering the best quality and getting a smile with every sip and every bite.